Dragon Cave

The astonishing Dragon Cave is a place you should definetely visit. Beautiful stalagmites and stalactites decorate its inside. The scenery is enhanced with the little lakes, connected to its other and to the lake of Kastoria.

But where did that name come from? According to legend, the Cave used to be a goldmine, filled with untold riches. But the gold was protected by a fierce Dragon. King Kastoras promised he would offer great gifts to the one brave enough to enter the Cave and kill the beast. A young man actually gave a ferocious battle and defeated the Dragon, bringin peace and joy to the citizens. They then walked inside the Cave together with the King but soon their torches went out and they heard a voice saying: ‘He who dares to grab a handful of mud from beneath his feet will regret it’. When they came out to the sunlight, the ones that were bold enough to fill their pockets with mud realized it was wet gold dust they were holding.

Well, we can't really promise you will see the Dragon today, although a lot of young adventurers come hoping to see and defeat it, but we can promise you will undoubtely enjoy the mesmerizing view.

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